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Welcome to Black River Books, an independently owned and operated quality used bookstore, designed to offer a pleasant browsing experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Over 40 thousand books occupying over 2000 square feet of space and covering a broad range of subjects are arranged on well-labeled shelves. Two walls of windows bring in plenty of natural light. Comfortable chairs afford a place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, or to examine possible purchases. Black River Books welcomes children with a room furnished for them. This room also houses the cooking and gardening books, so moms or dads can browse while the little ones are entertained.


Although we are primarily used, we do carry some new books: a selection of Michigan books, children's books and books with a local connection, either through topic, author or illustrator.

We, Dick and Pam, welcome you to Black River Books. We hope you find our store a comfortable place to hunt for a special book for yourself, a friend or a family member. Perhaps it's also a place to meet a friend or find a new one. Sometimes it's a place to get a dog fix from our resident Labradoodles. Whatever brings you to our store, we hope you enjoy your visit, tell your friends about us and come again.

Book Signing Saturday, February 3 - 2pm - 4pm

Set on the shore of Lake Michigan, The Lake and the Lost Girl weaves together a literary mystery woven with the shattering of a family's delusions. Secrets never revealed from the life of a poet who disappeared in the 1930s have led to an obsession in the 1990s that threatens the sanity of a Professor of English and his relationship with his wife and son. The book is a compelling page-turner. Author, Jacquelyn Vincenta lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she is at work on her next novel.

WOW Weekend with Jennifer Murphy & 

Leslie Helakoski  was a success!

 We sold a lot but we bought a lot so we still have signed copies of their wonderful books. We also have other new children's books either by locally connected authors, or children's Michigan books.  













Children's Books by Amy Young,

Resident of Spring Lake, MI. 


New Purchase of Books

We have purchased a large variety of Civil War Books. Some focus on the battles and others on the generals. This purchase also includes many books on Lincoln as well as a 12 volume set of "The Complete Works of Abraham Lincoln." 

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We may close for a week or two

this winter. I will post that here, or call to check for certain.







Kid's Books

Our Kid's Room houses an ever changing array of used kids and young adult books. Come check it out. The Booker & Dewey Corner has “Something to Chew On” with the dog's favorite New Kid's Books. 

Booker & Dewey's Corner

Peter Ferry's Old Heart

Pete Ferry, travel writer for the Chicago Tribune, is a local summer resident. His second novel, Old Heart, came out last May. Since then we have sold over 220 copies. We, Pam and Dick, both loved the book. So did the Chicago Writers Association. They voted Old Heart Novel of the Year 2015. If your book club buys Old Heart Pete will come to your club. We have signed copies of it and of Pete's first novel, Travel Writing.


Travels with Gannon & Wyatt

New to Us Adventure Series

     6 Different Books on

     6 Different Adventures

From Africa to the South Pacific these Twin Brothers have traveled to all corners of the globe. Their real-life expeditions provide the foundation for these educational and action-packed adventure books: Botswana, Great Bear Rain Forest, Egypt, Greenland, and Ireland and now Hawaii.

Here are the books