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Although we are primarily a used bookstore, we carry new books by locally connected authors with whom we have held events, as you can see below. We also carry some carefully selected new books that are about Southwestern Michigan or are of special interest.


Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award Finalist for book of Short Stories, "American Salvage," and author of the acclaimed "Once Upon a River," was at Black River Books during WOW 2013.

Bonnie Jo Campbell's Books


 We still have copies.

Great Lakes Expert Returns to South Haven for WOW


Loreen Niewenhuis is no stranger to South Haven. She has been in Black River Books several times to sign her first Lake Trek book, "A 1000-Mile Walk On the Beach," and twice, once in April and once in June, to share stories of her adventures and sign "1000-Mile Great Lakes Walk." We are proud to have a quote on the first page! Loreen is currently hiking the islands of the Great Lakes. She will be speaking at the Maritime Museum on Saturday, November 9. Copies of both her books are availableCheck out Loreen's Site. 

D. E. Johnson's 4th Book is Out 


D. E. Johnson was at Black River Books in August signing the third of his mysteries which take place in the early 1900s in Detroit, and its blossoming auto industry. Johnson masterfully weaves historical details throughout his stories. His fourth book, "Detroit Shuffle" was released in early September. Copies of it and the three earlier books in the series, "The Detroit Electirc Scheme," "Motor City Shakedown" and "Detroit Breakdown" are also be available. Mr. Johnson lives near Kalamazoo.

Wendy Halperin and John Mooy's Annual Visit 


Wendy and John Mooy were at Black River Books on Saturday, June 15 with Wendy signing her newest book, "Peace" as well as her other popular books including the two books she and husband, John Mooy, have done together. Signed copies are always available.  

Wendy's New Site  

Wendy quotes Gandhi, "If we are to teach real peace in this world, if we are to wage a real war against war, we shall have to start with the children." Wendy's "Peace" includes her art work as well as that of children.


Wendy signs books at the Art Fair.

Jack Dempsey Visits Black River Books


"Ink Trails," by Jack and Dave Dempsey, "...takes you on an amazing ride on the back roads and highways of Michigan's literary history, visiting eighteen authors where they lived and worked. Jack Lessenberry is quoted saying "Ink Trails" is a "literary adventure" and "...a book that belongs on every Michigander's shelf. Jack Dempsey also wrote "Michigan and the Civil War." He dropped in last summer, (see below,) and signed our copies of that book. He greeted customers and signed both books on Saturday, June 8. Signed copies of both books are available.


Last summer Black River Books hosted a second signing event for Chris Byron and Thomas Wilson, Grand Rapids historians, and their wonderful book, "Vintage Views Along the West Michigan Pike".  Their beautiful book depicts the adventure and romance of motoring on Michigan’s most prominent early highway.  Vintage post cards, photographs, maps and ephemera illustrate this journey as you time-travel through the beautiful West Michigan landscape and quaint towns, to hotels and cabins, tourist camps and state parks, and other stops along the road.  Vintage Views won a Michigan Notable Book Award.  The book and Vintage View Posters, taken from the book’s illustrations, are available.


Local personality, Judith Pearson, speaker and author of "Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America’s Greatest Female Spy", writes of how she met the challenges of breast cancer in her new book, "It’s Just Hair".  In it, Judy shares lessons for meeting all kinds of life’s difficult challenges.  She was at Black River Books in July where she greeted old friends and met new ones. Copies of both books are available.


Judith Pearson has a love for history and great respect for courageous women. "The Wolves at the Door" is a history of one very courageous woman. Judith is another! Movie rights have been purchased for the book, "Wolves at the Door.".


Check out this Wonderful Children’s Book by David Zeff, "The Adventures of Peanuts, Popcorn, Chestnuts, and Tootles".  David was at Black River books for a signing in June.  David and his wife own Carriage House Bed & Breakfast and are South Haven’s own.  This book shares the stories that David created as he told them to his children.  Those children, when grown, encouraged David to record the stories in a children’s book, and he did.  Way to go, David!  We have signed copies at Black River Books.


David Liscow, local physician, and author of "Symie’s Story: Early Memories of an Old Jew From South Haven, Michigan", was at Black River Books in July. Dr. Liscow’s book, tells of the beginnings of the Jewish resort era in South Haven; how one family worked together, raising or growing what they served guests, using an ice house to keep perishables cold and using a horse-drawn wagon to carry geese to Benton Harbor to be slaughtered by the rabbi, all in order to create a comfortable stay for vacationing Jewish families, primarily from Chicago. We have more copies available. 


South Haven’s Own Wendy Anderson Halperin & John Mooy were at Black River Books in July to greet customers, share some stories and sign their books.  We always carry their books, and they are always kind enough to sign them.  John is a frequent visitor at Black River Books where he stops in for a cup of coffee and some conversation and stories, to share either with us or with our other guests.


Early in June, Jane Knuth, Portage, Michigan author, had her third signing at Black River Books, this time for her new book, "Thrift Store Graces: Finding God’s Gifts in the Midst of the Mess""Thrift Store Saints", continues to be a favorite.  We have copies of both books.

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A visit to our store by a retired librarian on a mission, resulted in a fabulous article on her blog. This story on ReddEverywhere by M. Redd really summarizes who we are.

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