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The Boys love these new books. Below a young book lover reaches for a treasure!


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Laurie's first two books, in the Arnie the Doughnut series,"The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut: Bowling Alley Bandit" and "Invasion of the UFONuts," have been very popular with the chapter-book set.

Here is the third in the Arnie the Doughnut series for older kids and Laurie's newest book for wee ones.

Booker fell in love with Laurie Keller, author and illustrator of children’s books from N. Muskegon. He’s wanted us to carry all her books ever since she came for a visit and book signing our first year. Adults and children alike love her imaginative and clever books on subjects that don’t always interest children: geography, manners, going to the dentist. Booker especially likes “Arnie the Doughnut,” as you can see!


Some of Laurie's books are shown here.


David Catrow’s wonderfully illustrated Max Spaniel books are also real favorites of Booker and Dewey. These books are for beginning and early readers, but the illustrations will amuse parents as well.


The Boy’s favorite dog books, for several years - A Lucky Dog, The Further Adventures of A Lucky Dog, and Jack London’s Dog, by Dirk Wales. The first two are true stories about Owney, a stray dog who was adopted by the US Post Office in the 1890’s. Owney ended up traveling all over the world with the PO. Jack London’s Dog, is a young adult book that tells the story of what might have happened to the actual dog of author, Jack London. London used this dog as a model for the dog in Call of the Wild.


These are The Boy’s board book picks for Wee Ones. Their very favorite, of course, is “Snuggle Puppy".

Besides the above carefully selected new children's books, are many used books in the following categories.

Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew.


Children's classics, biography and educational.


Young adult books.


Kid's storybooks.


Kid's room classics, like "Tom Swift" "The Happy Hollisters", and "Honey Bunch".


Children's Christian books.


Collectible Golden Books.

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