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Welcome to Black River Books Black River Books is an independently owned and operated quality used bookstore, designed to offer a pleasant browsing experience in a relaxed atmosphere. Over 40 thousand books occupying over 2000 square feet of space and covering a broad range of subjects are arranged on well-labeled shelves. Two walls of windows bring in plenty of natural light. Comfortable chairs afford a place to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, or to examine possible purchases. Black River Books welcomes children with a room furnished for them. This room also houses the cooking and gardening books, so moms or dads can browse while the little ones are entertained.


Although we are primarily used, we do carry some new books: a selection of Michigan books, children's books and books with a local connection, either through topic, author or illustrator.

We, Dick and Pam, welcome you to Black River Books. We hope you find our store a comfortable place to hunt for a special book for yourself, a friend or a family member. Perhaps it's also a place to meet a friend or find a new one. Sometimes it's a place to get a dog fix from our resident Labradoodle, Booker. Whatever brings you to our store, we hope you enjoy your visit, tell your friends about us and come again.


Long Live Rock by Leslie Baldacci - Still a favorite local author! 

Leslie started her writing career at the Kalamazoo Gazette newspaper. She is a neighbor and fan of Black River Books. Leslie met her husband when he was living next door to with his band, and he's still in a band. This, her first novel, is as much a love story to Michigan as it is a grown up romance. Long Live Rock tells the story of a middle-aged ballet teacher (who grew up in Detroit and loves soul music and big American cars) who becomes the object of a rock icon's affection and passion! Long Live Rock has 5 Star Ratings!


the Last Bathing Beauty, by Amy Sue Nathan is still a favorite of our customers!

The main character, Betty Stern, is an 18-year-old "knockout" in the summer of 1951. She's working at her grandparent's lakeside resort in South Haven, the "Catskills of the Midwest." This novel takes her from that summer at the beach to decades later when she "finally faces the past." A good summer read!


Many of our customers have asked to purchase a mug, but we were waiting for an order. Happily, the mugs are here!

New! We have added two diversity sections of children's and youth books. One is on a front bookshelf just to the left of the front door. The other is in the children's room on two shelves.

We still have P.U.S.H. signs!

Progressives United of South Haven signs.

Still only $15 cash only. P.U.S.H. has no checking account. All proceeds go to

P.U.S.H. and after printing more signs, the money

goes to charity!


We require all unvaccinated people to wear masks. For all others masks are optional, but due to how transmittable Omicron is, we recommend masking. We have free adult and children's masks and hand sanitizer avilable. 

We, the owners, and our employees are fully vaccinated. We have an air-purifying system and it and fans run all the time. Thanks for your cooperation.


Winter Hours

Sun: 1pm - 5pm

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Kid's Books

Our Kid's Room houses an ever changing array of used and select new books for toddlers, youth and young adults. The Booker & Dewey Corner has for years carried the dogs' favorite new and used kid's books. Since Booker, nearly 17, passed in December, we haven't had the heart to remove The Boy's pictures from the website or our store. They have been a part of Black River Books from the beginning, and they are now woven into our tapestry.

Booker & Dewey's Corner

 Dewey was usually the waggy tail greeter, but here he was in a quiet moment.

Booker loved working and greeting customers and getting a bit of love from a pretty young woman!

This handsome young man has been visiting and loving on Booker since both of them were much younger.

We have acquired some interesting old leather-bound law books. One or two would add a nice touch to anyone's personal library!