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About Us & Our Store

Black River Books began as a hobby that grew into a passion, then a small, part-time internet business, and finally a used bookstore with an actual storefront.

Dick and Pam Haferman, the owners, started with collecting modern fiction first editions. As their interest and their collection grew, although they each had full-time professions, they dreamed of one day owning a store. Toward that end, they have for years collected books in as many genres as possible.

Prior to openingBlack River Books on Memorial Weekend of 2007, the Hafermans had over 27,000 books in their small home and another several thousand in storage. Bookshelves filled their garage. Most of the books were boxed and labeled and waiting for the right location. The Hafermans supported their book-buying habit by selling select titles online.

The goal, however, was always to have a brick and mortar store. Although used bookstores are becoming “dinosaurs,” the Hafermans believe there are still book lovers who want to see and touch and smell the books they buy rather than to order them online.

In addition to the warm and friendly service the Hafermans offer, customers can expect a warm and friendly greeting from Booker, the couple’s Labradoodle. Dewey passed in May last year leaving a hole in the store and in our hearts. Customer's still ask after him and miss him as do we. For now Booker is holding the fort. He is hypoallergenic, so he won’t cause sneezes. He will go to his place if folks don’t like dogs or just don’t want to be bothered.

Booker & Dewey's Corner


Since Booker passed away just before Christmas, Black River Books is now without any dogs. Since they have been so much a part of the store since we opened in 2007, customers still ask about them and buy their T-shirts. Also, we tell folks they still perform at the bottom of the dog's page with a link to their YouTube video. There is also a still shot of Dewey's smile. That wasn't easy to get!

Booker & Dewey Page

Creating a Space


We wanted to create a space that would be inviting and comfortable—a place to enjoy not only books, but the company of folks who love books and music and art and conversation, and laughing and learning—not only from what we read, but also from each other.

Sometimes Black River Books is just a place to relax and share a good book with the kids.


Or read your own book, but share a quiet space with someone else doing the same.


Or breathe the used-book-store air that is just so soothing, so relaxing, that one can't keep from nodding off for a short snooze!


Or  share some impromptu conversation with another local talent; sculptor, storyteller, author and consultant to attorneys, South Haven's own, John Mooy.


 Sometimes Black River Books is a place for folks to get a "dog fix" when they are away from their own dogs. Booker certainly doesn't mind at all.


Sometimes there are Book Signings ...


Sometimes an Author


Or shares some secrets to getting a book published ...


Or a Writers Group meets

But always, Black River Books is a place to






Customer Comments

A young teen called her mother on her cell phone. She said, "I think I'm in love! I'm breathless!" Her mother said "Where on earth are you!" The girl answered, "I'm in a used book store, Black River Books." "Thank Goodness," her mother said. Told to us by the mother the next day when she came to the store.
  - Unknown
A gentleman from Sidney, Australia found a book to purchase, "Rooms of Their Own," which he pointed out was a collection of interviews with twelve authors of contemporary Australian fiction. He was visiting friends who have a cottage in South Haven and was surprised and happy to find the book. 
- Sidney, Australia
“I wish we could buy all the books!”
- Muhomet, IL
“Your bookstore is an academic’s dream & a thinker’s delight!”
- Chicago, IL
“Great books!  Great dogs!  Awesome deals!  Thank you!”
- Brooklyn, NY
“I found the book I had as a little girl – and had lost!”
- Marshall, MI
“You made my day – I have looked for 5 years for a good-quality hard cover of Nixon’s Six Crises.”
- Manteno, IL
“This is a charming bookstore. It has all the things a bookstore needs; lots of books, friendly people, great dogs and comfy chairs.”
- Wyoming, MI
“Your Religion section is the fullest I've ever seen, with everything I could need on Biblical interpretation, sermons, prayer and spirituality.”
- Kalamazoo, MI