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Rare Books






The rare books found in our store include a signed first edition of “In Cold Blood,” by Truman Capote, a signed first edition of “Cider House Rules” by John Irving,” Billy Graham’s “Peace With God,” in a first edition and signed by the Billy Graham team as well as by Mrs. Billy Sunday and a signed first edition of Mikhail Gorbechev’s, "Memoir". First editions signed by Muhammud Ali recently sold.

We have so many rare books, we decided to add a rare books room. A few examples of its contents are: Complete Writings of Robert Burns in a Limited Edition, My Book House by Olive Beaupre Miller in 6 volumes, several Books of African Art, a 6 volume set of Deisel Engineering by American Technical Society, a 3 volume set of Theories of Surplus Value by Karl Marx, and some Old Maps & Atlases.

Books, Books, Books and More Books

Our Stock is Ever Changing!


As always, Dick is buying, buying, buying more books. “You have to have stock, Pam,” he says. Anyone who has visited, Black River Books knows that we definitely have stock. We are interested in all kinds of books, but condition is important!

Genre' Choices

We decided a dozen years ago that we wanted to one day have a used book store, and we began looking for and buying books. We visited many bookstores and asked lots of questions. We invited successful bookstore owners for dinner and picked their brains. We advertised that we bought used books in good condition, and folks called us with books to sell. Our vacations were book-buying trips, and we would come home with a van full. We tried to develop depth in as many genre’s as possible. The following are some of those.

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Military & War History


This gentleman is standing in the military and war history alcove. This section includes WWI & WWII books, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, The Vietnam War, and Wars in the Middle East as well as a general Military and War Section.

More shelves of History cover World History from Ancient to Modern, with sections for United Kingdom, Germany, Latin America, France, Asia, Russia, Middle East, Africa and US. Miscellaneous History covers Organizations, Women, Disasters, and History of Objects.

Art, Architecture & Photography


This wall includes books of art on The Great Masters, art from different periods and from different countries, Art History, Art Instruction, Graphic Design, Architectural Design and Styles, and books on Home Decorating and Design. Photography books have their own shelves by the window to the right.”

Modern Fiction


Modern Fiction includes a large section of signed First Editions. Decisions, decisions. Which ones to buy?

Collection of Classic Literature


From Jane Austen to Emil Zola.

Poetry Collection


 From Dante to Rilke

Poetry & Classics


These are popular areas in Summer ...














And in Winter.



Biographies fill this row of shelves and half of its back side. The Biographies are alphabetized by whom the books are about.



These books are housed in their own alcove and include Bibles, Biblical Studies, Commentaries, Biographies, Devotionals, Sermons, Christian Fiction, Books on Prayer, World Religions, Catholicism, Mormonism, Ethics, Theology, and a large General Religion section offering authors from a variety of theological perspectives.

Kid's Room


Here we find books for Wee Ones, Beginning and Early readers, books for Youth and for Young Adults, Classics, Biographies, Educational books, as well as some Vintage children’s books. The kids share this space with Cookbooks and Gardening books.


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A wall filled with plenty of cookbooks will entice your appetite. This area offers a Master Chef section, an Ethnic section and a Quick & Easy section, Baking, Wine & Spirits, Soups & Casseroles, Main Dishes, Seafood, Entertaining and Books About Food.

Gardening Books


These shelves include landscaping and gardening ideas and tips, books on flowers and flower arranging, books on houseplants, trees, herbs, and fruits and vegetables.



Our paperbacks are arranged by genre into Science Fiction/Fantasy, Mystery & Action, Romance, General Fiction and Westerns. They are not alphabetized within each section – but then they are only $2 each! It makes the hunt for the right book both interesting and economical.

Other Well Stocked Areas


Transportation, including Automobiles, Aviation, Maritime and Trains; Health and Fitness, Medical, Holistic Health, Philosophy, Psychology, Metaphysical/New Age, Family & Parenting, Marriage, Divorce, Relationships, GLBT, Aging, Death & Dying, Sports, Sciences, Business, Politics & Current Affairs, Music, Theater, Film,TV & Radio, Technology and Math.

See Categories Link for complete list.

Customer Comments

"I like old books. they seem more important because they have been through a lot more."
- Young girl in Howell, MI
"A refreshing change of scenery from your average bookstores. Thank you!"
- Milwaukee, WI
"I think there is more respect for the literature when you are able to read it from an older piece of work.  There is something so simple about turning the pages of a book someone else owned 100 years ago - a story, a vastly changed society, a different perspective that can't be obtained through anything else other than ink on a page."
- Ann Arbor, MI
"I had a wonderful time here."
- Santa Rosa, CA
"You have an amazing place. I wish I cold take you home with me."
- Bournemouth, United Kingdom
"I really like your store. I had a hard time deciding which book to buy."
- Caceres, Spain
"This is such a lovely light-filled space. And what a cool and diverse selection of books. Black River Books is a destination for us whenever we are in South Haven."
- Downer's Grove, IL
"I've been looking for a book on this subject for 10 years. -  Seriously!" (The book -  in our Military & War Section - "The Savage Wars of Peace: Small Wars & the Rise of American Power")
- Hagerston, MD
"If I lived here, I'd be in every day!"
- Ft. Worth, TX
"This is my favorite store ever! I love this place"
     Alyssa, 15, from Valparaiso, IN, but also from South Haven as her family has a condo here.
"Thank you! What an awesome bookstore. Great prices too!"
- Stevensville, MI
"Fabulous store. You can't buy an experience like this."
- Chicago, IL
"I think I should send my kids here for a couple of years instead of to college."
- Grand Rapids, MI
“This place would be dangerous nearby – too many good books.”
-Vienna, Austria
“Great place!  Have you ever considered moving to Indianapolis?”
- Indianapolis, IN
“Back again!!  Love this store!!
- Holland, MI
“Great writing section”
- Chicago, IL
"I have looked across the country for books by my favorite author, and I not only found a couple here, but I found 7!! Well done, Black River Books!!"
- Columbus, IN
“Really great books, great coffee!”
- Chicago, IL
“I look forward to this treasure stop every time I come into town!”
- Milwaukee, WI
“Nice store, great resources!”
- Portage, MI
“Just Married!  Love being here!”
- London, England
"We have been to several used book stores and none of them even compare." (1st visit)
"I couldn't wait to get back here this morning!" (2nd visit the next day)
- Auburn, MI