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Although we are primarily a used bookstore, we carry new books by locally connected authors with whom we have held events, as you can see below. We also carry some carefully selected new books that are about Southwestern Michigan or are of special interest.

Sat. Dec. 8 Mike Struwin will be at Black River Books from 2 - 4. He will perform music to accompany his new children's book, "Campfire Stu & The Backwoods Jamboree." The book is sing-along and interactive with its free music download. 





Here is the book.

Laurie Keller's Newest Book is at BRB 


Potato Pants

Laurie has been at Black River Books several times for signings of her delightful children's books. Very few children's authors do their own illustrations as Laurie does. Laurie and her good friend Amy Young were at Black River Books November 10 for a signing during Women's Only Weekend.

Amy Young's Newest Book


Amy Young was with Laurie Keller for a signing Dec. 10 during Women's Only Weekend. Sparkles is a favorite of children in the two earlier books, "A Unicorn Named Sparkels," and "A New Friend for Sparkles." We have signed copies of all three books as well as a little board book copie of the first Sparkles book.





Wendy Halperin and John Mooy  - Local Artists  Their Books Make Great Gifts! 

We always carry signed copies.

Wendy Halperin and John Mooy keep us supplied with signed copies of their popular books.

Wendy's New Site  

Wendy's "Peace" includes her art work as well as that of children. Wendy travels the country, visits schools and decorates Peace Tables with her art.



Here are South Haven’s Own, Wendy & John, at Black River Books with John telling stories and Wendy illustrating them as John speaks. We always carry their books, and they are always kind enough to sign them. John is a frequent visitor at Black River Books where he stops in for a cup of coffee and some conversation and stories, to share either with us or with our guests.


Judith Pearson has a love for history and great respect for courageous women. "The Wolves at the Door" is a history of one very courageous woman. Judy is another! Movie rights have been purchased for the book, "The Wolves at the Door." Judy and her husband lived in South Haven for years, but this past summer they moved to Arizona. I will continue to carry her book and have her sign copies, because it's that good.

What Others Are Saying About Us


A visit to our store by a retired librarian on a mission, resulted in a fabulous article on her blog. This story on ReddEverywhere by M. Redd really summarizes who we are.

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