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Booker & Dewey - "The Boys"

Booker & Dewey love children & furry friends

Below are a few words about "The Boys", and an answer to an often asked question, "What kind of dogs are these?"

Booker (the black one) and Dewey (the blonde one) are both male, neutered Labradoodles. Labradoodles are a mix between Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. Booker and Dewey each had a Standard Poodle as a parent. Booker is half Lab and half Standard Poodle. Dewey had a Labradoodle dad and a Poodle mom, so Dewey is ¾ Poodle. Booker is a light shedder, and Dewey doesn’t shed at all. Both dogs are hypoallergenic because they have hair instead of fur. They get haircuts every five weeks.

Booker and Dewey are not biological brothers. They are brothers only because they have been adopted into and are loved by the same family. They did, however, have the same breeder, Sue Welker of Gold Dust Kennel, The Hafermans have and are happy to refer customers to Sue.

Booker and Dewey are quite well-behaved. They are eager to greet customers who come to Black River Books. "The Boys" don’t jump. They simply wag their tails to say, “Welcome.” Booker will say “I love you,” or as close to that as a dog can get, and Dewey will smile, both on request and in exchange for a treat, of course. And most important, they love children.

Dewey's smile. It's not pretty, but it's sincere!

The Boys rest after a long hard day of selecting books, greeting customers, getting petted, and kissing babies and puppies.


For those uncomfortable with dogs, The Boys are happy to stay in their places behind the counter.

 Booker soaks up love from a sweet little gal.

 dewey ready to playUsually at closing time when we are ready to go home, Dewey, who has rested much of the day, (except for greeting folks and smiling for treats) is ready to play.

Yes,  We’re Pet Friendly. Can’t you tell?

Video of

Booker & Dewey


YouTube video of Booker & Dewey. Booker says "I love you" and Dewey smiles. Click the photo.

Booker & Dewey have lots of favorite used books too, in both the children’s section and in the animal sections. Stop in and let them help you pick something out!

Customer Comments




“I like your dogs!”

- West Chicago, IL


“Wonderful Store”

- Jones, MI


“Nice Find!”

- Centerville, OH


“Loved your dogs!”

- Cedar Rapids, IA – Belchertown, MA





“Loved the place and the dogs!”

- Fort Wayne, IN

​"I found exactly what I was looking for.  I almost always do when I come here."

​- Indiapolis, IN






"I forever love this bookstore!"

- 12 year old South Haven honor-roll student










"Great place with so many books I've never seen or read!"